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See all of the functionality of this amazing home unit here.

(Developed by MIT Media Lab)

I would feel like I was in the movie the 5th Element and I would never leave my house

The thing that gets me about this is if I could afford a fancy wave-o-matic cabinet, then I could afford an apartment with more space.


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Filed under This would be awesome But would go one of two ways Either it would force me too keep my life constantly super clean or more likely I would never be able to use it properly Because there would be stuff EVERYWHERE

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A law student who was in some of my classes this year passed away last night…I didn’t really know him but hearing something like that just sort of floors you because it’s something that you really never expect to hear especially about someone whose face you are just used to seeing around every day

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words I never realised are slang and not commonly used elsewhere in the world




  • Tramping
  • Jandles
  • Munted
  • Togs
  • Dairy
  • Bach
  • wop-wops
  • ta
  • Tki tour
  • Chocka
  • Dodgy
  • suss
  • stoked
  • sweet as
  • fuck all
  • she’ll be right

What do people say instead of ‘togs’ or ‘dairy’??

#i had an american friend who always laughed when i said hard out  #she thoguht it sounded like hard on  #i didnt realise that hard out wasnt a common phrase everywhere 

….what do you mean hard out is not a universal phrase?

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I’m halfway through this lecture and I just..

I don’t want to keep going with it but I know if I stop I probably wont go back to it at least for ages

So I’m just sitting here doing it in tiny little increments like

oh dear god I want t just go to bed but its too early to be ‘socially acceptable’ or whatever

I hate being sick and motivationless